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Skilled Social Media Marketing & Consulting

Social media is one of the most influential factors in modern Internet marketing. With skilled, experienced social media marketing from SOCIAL STAMINA, you'll have the help you need to make the most of this resource. Kelly delivers reliable social media consulting solutions that take your business to the next level.

Kelly Consulting

Developing Social Media Strategies

If your business has the manpower to manage your social presence but not the know-how, Kelly can help you develop the strategy you need. Your team simply follows along, executes the strategy, and monitors the progress. Kelly's plans use internal analytic tools on each platform along with tracking click specs of your website to ensure these programs work their best.

Virtual and on-site solutions are both available based on location, budget, and needs. Kelly works full-time in the field and develops the best strategies possible for each client. She'll work to ensure that you get the right strategy for your needs. In addition, Kelly also provides live event coverage with live Tweets and other social media solutions.