2019 Guide to Demographics of Social Media Users


Whether it be sharing your favorite photos on Instagram, composing your funniest tweet or updating your distant relatives on Facebook - every social media platform has its own special purpose and audience. We all know what we like to put where, but, do we really know what makes up that audience we are choosing to speak to? At Social Stamina we have put together some information that can help shed some light and help answer what age group uses social media the most and other questions for you!

What is the Twitter Audience Demographic?

The most prominent age group on the platform, at 40 percent, is 18-29 year-olds. At a close second, we have 13-17 year-olds.

Twitter allows users to stay updated - whether that be with the latest breaking news story or the latest meme- or even join in on the global conversation. If you want to get your thoughts out there to a more openly diverse audience, this is the place to be. 

Unlike other apps, Twitter has a pretty even playing field when looking at the gender of their online users. There is only a 1 percent difference in the amount of female and male users on the site.  

What age group Facebook Most Often?

As many of us expect and know from using this social media giant, Facebook holds a much older demographic than other social media sites. Sixty-five percent of 50-64 year-olds use the platform, being the highest percentage of this age group when compared to Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. 

What does that mean to you? If you are marketing a product or service to an older demographic, your best best is to use Facebook. Another thing to keep in mind is to remember the best times to post on Facebook so your content is in front of as many people at the right time.

Facebook gives you the opportunity to connect and stay up to date with old friends and family (which can either be a good or bad thing). It is one of the more personalized social media platforms as you are able to build a more selective network where only those friends can see your posts; these posts can range from a status to a photo to a shared post from another user. 

Who is Using most often Instagram in 2019?

This app has the widest variety in the ages of their users. Though the highest percentage of users they have are 13-17 years old, 40 percent of 30-49 year-olds use Instagram as well. 

Instagram lets your creative side shine by letting you share your favorite photos to build up your profile as you please. Some choose to edit their photos to create a more structured personal blog whilst others post whatever pictures they want, edited or not. Many influencers even utilize Instagram to create a very successful career! 

When it comes to the gender of Instagram’s users, there is a significant gap between the two - there are nearly 10 percent more female users than male users on the app.

What is the Age Range of People Who Use Snapchat?

 Snapchat holds a much younger demographic, as it is the newest of these social media platforms. Sixty-eight percent of 13-29 year-olds in the United States use the app. Like other apps, the majority of Snapchat users are female. 

Snapchat allows you to send pictures to a selective group of friends and post Snapchat stories that your entire friend list can see. If you send pictures to some friends for a consecutive amount of days, you then are able to build upon that “streak” by interacting with each other every day! The catch is, those pictures you send don’t last forever! 

Pictures you choose to send to specific friends can only last for a maximum of ten seconds before they are gone. Additionally, that Snapchat story you choose to post disappears after 24 hours. There are other social media platforms that have adopted a very similar model for “stories” but Snapchat was the first!

What Do Different social media usage demographics Mean for My Social Media Management?

You should always stay aware of the current social media trends, but a very important aspect is knowing where your clients and customers are, online. Without knowing this, you could be wasting money on a campaign that may be getting in front of the wrong people. Social Stamina can help you understand! Give us a call today to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION and we will help you face your fear of social media!

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