7 Practical Tips for Handling Negative Reviews for Your Business


Local businesses and companies depend on reviews from customers to further improve their company. Most of the time a company receives positive feedback, which is easy to respond to and helps build a company’s reputation. You may be asking yourself “How do I respond when my company receives a negative review?” A customer had a bad experience with a product/experience or a complaint on how your business lacked something. Whatever it may be, it can be hard to handle for most businesses to tackle a negative review. So here at Social Stamina we want to help you handle any negative reviews that you may come across on your page with 7 helpful tips.

Respond To The Reviewer in a Timely Manner

This goes for any positive reviews as well, but goes especially for any negative review! Not answering reviewers with complaints or bad experiences can worsen what people think of you and your company. Don’t make a reviewers experience worse than it was. Responding in a timely manner shows that you care and will help in the long-run when customers see how you react to reviews

Acknowledge The Issue and Apologize

This may come as obvious, but be sure to address the issue at hand and apologize. Take responsibility of the issue right away. Make sure you don’t blame the customer. Remember the golden rule: THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT. Taking responsibility for the complaint or issue with your company is what you must always do, no matter what. 

Be Respectful to The Reviewer and Keep it Professional 

Keeping it professional goes a long way. Being negative on your part definitely doesn’t help the situation in anyway. Be kind and treat the reviewers with respect. Offering them some kind of service or product for free to remedy the situation is a nice gesture, but definitely not mandatory. DO NOT OFFER SOMETHING IN EXCHANGE FOR A POSITIVE REVIEW. Doing so may put you in hot water with the Google Gods, because in their terms and conditions, you are not allowed to offer anything for free in exchange for positive reviews. 

Do NOT Fight With The Reviewer

In addition to what was mentioned in tip 3, about being respectful, also don’t start an online fight with the reviewer. Whether you know what they said was right or wrong, there is no sense in fighting with them. This can make your company look bad, but can also lose that customer and other many potential customers for the business if they see you are arguing with a customer of your business in an online forum.

Do NOT Beg for Positive Reviews

It sounds crazy, but it happens quite often where companies beg for reviews, especially to hide hate they may have received recently. No one wants to be forced to review something. When being forced they tend to come off fake and not genuine. If someone wants to review the company they will. To not sound pushy, ask within a post on something like, “Let us know how we did! We love to hear about your experience.” Whether the review is good or bad, it shows that you were genuine and did not force a good review. As mentioned previously, do not offer anything for free for good reviews! 

Upload Media to The Response of The Review

This is a great way to show the reviewer that the company cares about their complaint. Share a picture of either the improvement of the issue or video addressing the concern and what your business will do to fix the issue. This will get the reviewer engaged and hopeful for something to be done. Also will keep a good standing for the company online and showing other current and potential customers that you care about how your business is seen online. 

Take The Conversation Offline

If a reviewer seems to be particularly unpleasant, ask to email or chat with them over the phone, so that you can continue the conversation in a more personal and private setting. This will help keep the negative feedback from growing on the page and will also keep the image of your business in a good standing online. 

As much as we know getting any negative review may not be the best feeling in the world, we all hope at Social Stamina that these tips on how to deal with negative reviews help navigate the struggle of receiving negative reviews. We pride ourselves on our reviews and we hope that you would too. If you need any help maintaining your online reputation or presence, give us a call at 848-444-1393 for a FREE consultation.

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