4 Simple Caption Hacks for Instagram


From editing photos with different filters to creating captivating stories, users can unleash their creativity on Instagram. Luckily, it doesn’t have to stop there - users can add personalized touches to their Instagram captions with these tips and tricks! Social Stamina has a few hacks to help guide you through your next content creation on Instagram

How Do I Create a Line Break on Instagram?

Unfortunately, Instagram users are unable to insert line breaks within their captions unless some form of punctuation ends the preceding text. Because of this, users face the frustration of losing their perfectly spaced caption after their photo has been posted time and time again.

With the help of a simple generator, however, that pesky little problem can be fixed. Apps4lifehost.com allows you to type your captions as you please, line breaks and all! Simply type your caption, click the “convert” button to copy your caption to your clipboard, paste, and post!  

This could be very useful if you need to create a post to promote a giveaway. You need to make it possible for everyone entering that they are able to understand the details about how to enter and some important disclaimers in the caption. So you obviously need a lengthy caption for this. 


How Do I Make Words Bold & Italics on Instagram?

Apps4lifehost.com doesn’t stop with helping you create line breaks! This website also allows users to write their captions in bold and/or italicized text. Once you are done typing your caption, highlight the text you would like to be either bolded, italicized or both. Convert and paste your masterpiece to have the sophisticated caption of your dreams! 

A caption that looks easy to read is extremely appealing to the reader. When text is visually broken into smaller, easier to digest parts, the number of people who interact and actually read the caption skyrockets. 

What that means for you is more comments and more genuine engagement from Instagram users. 


How Do I Use Fun Fonts on My Instagram Posts?

If the generic Instagram font for captions doesn't do it for you, there are plenty of font generators that can help with that! Lingojam.com & igfonts.io are two font generators that allow you to add that little sense of fun to your post!

All you have to do is type your caption and the website generates a long list of various fonts to choose from. Just highlight the one you would like to copy, and paste it as your new and improved Instagram caption.  

There isn’t a real actually reason as to why you should do this, (as opposed to when you should be posting on Instagram) but the main reason as to why you may want to change the font on your Instagram posts and bio is because you want to show off you or your brands awesome personality!


How Can I Add Emoticons to My Instagram?

Though emojis are a great way to add creativity to any form of text, sometimes the good old black and white emoticons do the trick☻ 

Coolsymbol.com has a list of different emoticons you can copy and paste to use in your captions or any form of text you like. The website has different categories of emoticons such as hearts, stars, arrows and smiley faces - making searching for the perfect emoticon simple and easy!

Adding emoticons or emojis to your Instagram posts can add character to your post!


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