Who is Social stamina?



“I knew I didn’t want to work nine to five so I became a pilot,” my father said.

I thought to myself during my high school AP Psych course, learning about how we are our truest selves from ages 6-9. What did I do at that age? Pen and small Lisa Frank flip pad in hand, I ran around the house looking for interesting stories. About a decade later, I realized how an actual local newspaper ran taking on my first internship with N/S Brunswick Sentinel. Reality hit when I walked into the offices seeing the cubicles and overhead lights, but the editor explained I was free to write articles from my laptop, working virtually. This experience solidified my love for writing and working in the field.

Throughout my academic career at Ramapo College of NJ, I traveled to Florence University of the Arts for one semester and California State University for two. In each place, I grew personally and professionally: working with Blending Magazine in Italy, Monterey’s Travel Host Magazine, Monterey Weekly, dot429 and virtual internships eCampus (Lexington) and Dallas Flow Magazine while in California.

After graduation, I started a Social Media Management business, pursuing my dreams of working in media and traveling. In the last five years I have grown the business to every time zone of the US with client ranging from CENTURY 21 Real Estate franchises to small businesses and beyond.

Nick McFly | Content creator

Nick McFly is a content creator and graphic designer who's been contributing to Social Stamina since the summer of 2018. He studied music at Monmouth University where he discovered his eye for design while creating concert posters and album art. He's had the pleasure of collaborating with artists like Will Evans, The Chordaes, and D.R. King (Season 14 of The Voice) to help develop their visual brand and tell their story.

Nick has been energized by Kelly's boundless work ethic and shares her desire for storytelling in media and marketing. He’s a native of Asbury Park, NJ and enjoys being surrounded by its rich art and music culture. Aside from design, he spends his time playing bass guitar and acting in community theater productions.