Tips To Write A Successful Blog Post in 2019


Writing a five paragraph essay utilizes the same process as constructing an online blog post, correct? INCORRECT. Writing a blog post requires a variety of steps from research to a tantalizing headline to discovering a solution. At Social Stamina, we are here to inform you of the foundation of blog writing and get you ready to rock the world of digital publication!

1. Generating an Idea for Your Blog Post

Like every piece of writing, all words need to start with an idea. For example, you may be working for a construction and landscaping company therefore your topic may be “Landscaping.” Once I have the topic in mind I am going to want to research what exactly people are searching for online when it comes to landscape. You want to conduct some keyword research to see what keywords you should include in your content to help not only search engines understand what your blog post is about, but for people that are searching for that topic to know if your article or blog is what they are searching for. 

There are many online tools that you can use to do keyword research, both free and paid. You can utilize good old Google and get some ideas on what you should use. Our recommendation if you are looking for a free tool is Ubersuggest. It is an excellent tool and is very easy to use

2. Creating A Hooking Headline for Your Blog

There are plenty of common themes between what people are searching online so how do we find them? If you don’t have the power to research which phrases/buzzwords are getting the most engagement, utilizing websites and apps such as Buzzsumo.comAnswer the Public, or the aforementioned Ubersuggest is your way to go. These researchers will let you know what words or symbols draw in most people.

You’re taking the time to write your blog post so make sure the world gets to see it. Also, remember that your target audience might not be the same audience as someone else. Keep your ideas from step one in mind when looking for a headline. The phrase, “The end of” landscaping doesn’t work as well as it would for something like, “The end of” deforestation

Find a phrase that sounds like something you would click on even if you had no idea what that topic was about.

3. The Introduction in Your Blog

When working in the digital world, you are in a constant battle to win a reader's attention. These days, a person could have tens of tabs open at once and pop up advertisements will quickly divert an individual onto the next page. 

Your first paragraph is the piece of your blog that is going to be read the most. This paragraph should be brief and work as a quick summary for the rest of your post. It is best to stick with a 4-5 sentence rule when it comes to your introduction.

As a professional, you may also want to provide validation on your expertise. Why are you a credible source for your blog post? Use words that prove you know what you’re talking about and introduce your background in a quick sentence or two. 

4. The Body of Your Blog Post

Short paragraphs, short paragraphs, short paragraphs! 

Your body must be digestible because your readers are going to want to be able to grasp the idea while skimming. Keep in mind, many people may be reading your blog post from a mobile device and they should not have to keep scrolling through pages and pages just to search for a solution to their problem.

Variety is also important to keep in mind. Switching between long paragraphs and short paragraphs keeps the reader interested. Short phrases also offer a more conservative style and highlight the important areas of your post.

5. Presenting The Solution in Your Blog Post

The last puzzle piece to your blog post is going to be your solution. You want your readers to feel as though they are leaving with something. Stay focused on the topic of your blog post and make sure the solution offers a solid answer to the question at hand. 

Your solution may be why readers come back and could possibly lead you to your next client.

6. Promoting Your Blog

Find the platform that is right for you. For a business, it may be LinkedIn that attracts the most people while for Real Estate you may want to use Facebook instead. Track the platforms your audience is most prominent on and utilize the views.

It’s important to make sure you’re doing the research when it comes to creating a blog post. Remember what you’re writing, why you are writing it, who it is for, and where you want it to go. 

Honorable Mentions for Blog Writing

  • Remember to Utilize Headlines in Your Content- Utilizing H1’s, H2’s, and H3’s are extremely important in blog writing. You can utilize your H1 to capture the overall theme of the post. Your H2 is a subheading used to reinforce your H1 and overall theme. The same concept can be said about your H3 and how it relates to my other headings and overall theme.

  • Add Internal Links in Your Content- Internal linking means adding links to you post that are, well internal, that go to pages on your site. Internal links can connect your content and give search engines an idea of the structure of your website. For example, if we were writing a blog about the best social media marketing company, we can use an internal link that links to the services or about us page on Social Stamina, and use the anchor text of “best social media marketing company”.

Now that you know the basics of how to write a blog post, GET OUT THERE AND DO IT

As always, Social Stamina can help! If you have any questions or suggestions on your next blog post, or even how to start your own blog, feel free to contact us!

Ready, set, blog!

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