Social Stamina vs Fiverr

Small business owners are the new Renaissance men and women. To compete and stay relevant, a business owner needs to have their ear to the ground always, not only to know what the next marketing trend will emerge but to master them quickly. No one is an expert in everything and the burden of figuring out the best way to utilize your resources can be overwhelming.

Some of us call social media marketing the “necessary evil” of business. Posting a company’s success on social media seems to fall to the bottom of the to-do list. The shortcut many use as a crutch to carry their social media presence is to use companies like fiverr for project-by-project work in lieu of a traditional social media marketer. For as low as $5, a business owner can hire a designer to create a logo, graphic, pr release or other creative. Sound like a dream? You get what you pay for. There are many reasons hiring a social media marketing team like Social Stamina is more valuable than using short-term work coverage some of which include:

Lack of Consistency for Your Brand

Have you ever seen 50 First Dates? A business owner is going to need to explain their brand each and every time they use Fiverr. If the business owner is vague in this area, each post will come out looking very different as each designer has different interpretations of the brand. Using Social Stamina will ensure branding cohesion.

Deadlines For Your Marketing Not Being Met

Because there is a lack of consistency in the work that is being produced, there are many edits and revisions producing delays in the process. By using one Social Media Management company, this process is streamlined as they are very familiar with working in your brand voice day-in and day-out. There is a trust built that will keep the process of post creation to completion quick.

Be Effective With Your Time and Building Your Social Media Brand

With Fiverr, you need to hunt down a designer for the task, do your due-diligence, and still may not have a firm understanding of the designer’s range or experience. With Social Stamina, you will never have to repeat this process, wasting your precious time.

The Online Security of Your Brand and Yourself

If you’re looking for high-touch management, you will need to share your social media credentials. Sharing logins and passwords with strangers on the internet is NOT a good idea. If you’re looking to use Fiverr to create the post, then you will need to do the actual high-touch management yourself: when to post, where to post, what verbiage and hashtags to use, etc. This can be explained by your designer, but you will need to take the time to do it. That again takes us back to the previous point of being effective with your time and your marketing.

We could talk about other reasons as to why hiring a Social Media Marketing company is different than using Fiverr, but why don't you contact us and let us help you face your fear of social media!