Social Stamina Social Media Marketing Assistant In New Jersey

Social Media Marketing Assistant in New Jersey

Is Social Media Marketing Right for My Business?

This may be a question that you are asking yourself right this very moment. You are probably thinking “Will social media reach who I need to?” or “Is it really worth it to market my business on social media?”. The answer to both of those questions is YES and Social Stamina is here to help!

We start with our free consultation to help us ensure that we are utilizing the best social media platforms for your New Jersey business.

You can count on Social Stamina to ensure that your social media profiles best represent your brand voice, expand your reach, get information to your customers, and drive sales! A social media assistant not really what you are looking for? Social Stamina will help with more than just social! We also offer:

  • Social Media Consultation Services- If your business has the manpower to manage your social presence but not the know-how we can help you develop a strategy and teach you how to use social media. Your team simply follows along, executes the strategy, and monitors the progress.

  • Social Media Event Coverage in New Jersey- When your company is set to host an event, conference, banquet, or any major function Social Stamina offers live tweeting and social media event management on all of your social media platforms

  • Social Media Education- Whether you need a crash-course or a quick brush-up on current trends, Social Stamina will be your mentor. We will teach you and your business how to use social media, the right way!

  • Website and Logo Design for Your Local NJ Business- Social Stamina will help you create the stunning brand that you and your customers deserve!

Not convinced yet? Take a look at people are saying about us!

Beth- Via Facebook

Social Stamina has taught me so much about how to position myself in the market place and increase my SEO! Best Customer Service and always an immediate response - who could ask for more!! I will absolutely recommend Social Stamia for anyone’s Marketing and Social Media needs.

Diedre- Via Facebook

Social Stamina takes the guesswork out of my social media presence. If I think something is interesting I send it to Kelly and she takes it from there. I try and comment on her blog posts as much as possible and it works. I recently googled myself and was quite pleased with the results. I have met clients and closed deals completely through Facebook, so that's the true testimonial.

When you and your business are ready to see why Social Stamina is one of the best social media management companies in NJ, fill out the form below and let us help you FACE YOUR FEAR OF SOCIAL MEDIA!


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