4 Reasons You Should Outsource Your Social Media


Managing social media in-house or to outsource, that is the question. The day-to-day tasks of running a business are generally more than enough for the average CEO, causing the social media marketing to fall short on the radar of things that are a priority. Social media marketing is a special kind of monster that requires its own attention and dedication,

If you’re going back and forth on whether to outsource your social media marketing, Social Stamina has 4 tips to help you make your decision.

It Helps Create A Better Bridge to the Public

When someone is hired internally to handle your communications with the public, they speak in your language. They are imbedded in your office culture and understand the idiosyncrasies of your company and industry. While it may seem logical to put an expert in your field as the voice to the public, it is important that this voice can break down the complexities of your industry into layman's terms, easily digestible for the public. When you are surrounded by industry and company language and abbreviations, it is easy to assume the public understands the basics of your field. While we do not want to undermine or underestimate the knowledge of your audience, it is important your page becomes a space for them to learn.

Outsourcing Is More Affordable, with Less Overhead

It's just that plain and simple. It becomes a more affordable option to outsource your social media thus creating less overhead also!

Michael Killmer of C21NorthHomes explains it the best:

Continuously Developing a Well-Rounded Understanding of Social Media Marketing

While the person that you have onsite may know Instagram inside and out, do they know about Facebook, LinkedIn, or the latest algorithm changes that could affect your brand? Thats where outsourcing to a knowledgeable company can be very beneficial to you and your online social presence.  Social Stamina has been working with clients ranging from real estate, fitness, luxury travel, massage therapy, food, and car tuning. Working in such a wide range of industries has provided overlapping experience and a well-rounded understanding of algorithms, audiences, and engagement.

More Free Time For You

Looking to DIY your social media? It is important to be posting consistently through your busiest times to build momentum for any slower times of the year. Stockpiling content during your busiest times to use strategically during slower periods is key, which means that when you are at your absolute max bandwidth, that’s when you need to be working hardest on your social media. Does this seem pretty impossible with your current social media marketing situation? Is it getting overwhelming trying to handle it all yourself? Contact us at Social Stamina today for your FREE CONSULTATION and see why we are one of the best social media management companies for you and your business!