Best Time To Post on LinkedIN & Twitter | 2019


Posting on LinkedIn and tweeting are unlike posting on Facebook and Instagram. Posting with the same strategy on each platform will get you nowhere fast. Each platform has different functions, a different audience and people are using the platform in different ways. How you post and what you post matters.

When is the Best Time to Tweet?

Twitter is completely different than any other social media site or app. Twitter requires a ton of content as the shelf life of a tweet is a lot shorter than that of on LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram post.

Facebook and Instagram algorithms change frequently and as of June 2019, an Instagram post will show well for 21 hours and Facebook visibility is about 5 hours. What is the lifespan of a Tweet? Only 18 minutes! Think of it like this: Everyone on social media is on tubes flowing down the river and you have to grab bring them on shore. Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIN are ports that they can just pull into. If you are using Twitter, its like you are throwing a rope and HOPING that the person grabs it.

This does not mean you need to overload your feeds with posts multiple times per day. Instead, ensure you are posting and tweeting at the right times. The best times to tweet: Wednesday and Friday 8AM to 10AM, Next best, Tuesday to Friday 8AM to 12PM, Wednesday 1PM to 3PM, and Tuesday 7PM to 9PM EST. Try to keep a consistent schedule of when you are Tweeting so you can grab that audience!

When is the Best Time to Post on LinkedIN?

On LinkedIn, best times are Wednesday 8AM to 9AM and 12PM. Wednesday overall is the best day to post on LinkedIn but other safe times are 7AM to 1PM Tuesday to Friday.

Before going any further with this one, please remember that LinkedIN targets a much more specific audience than other social networks. The network has a niche audience, but you should not ignore the power of marketing on LinkedIN.

Considering the mix of corporate leaders and job seeker, there is no contest to the fact that most if the engagement on LinkedIN is coming within the workday hours. Weekends on LinkedIN are fairly baron when it comes to engagement, so try and steer clear of posting on there on Saturday and Sunday. A LinkedIn post does well for 24 hours, while it will continue to circulate for a week.

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