Best Times To Post On Facebook & Instagram | 2019


Social media is evolving and user behavior is constantly changing. For the most eyes and maximum engagement on your social media posts, you need to post strategically and stay with the current social media trends. To stay out front consistently, you will need to know when to connect to your audience and how often.

- Knowing this information is key. Analysing it and applying it to your account correctly is crucial!

Best time to Post on Facebook?

Despite what we may think is correct, data gathering sites will tell us that Facebook engagement is highest on Wednesday between 10AM and 3PM EST, Thursday 10AM to 3PM EST, and Friday 9AM to 11AM EST. Sundays are typically smallest engagement days. Give it a shot and see how it works for your business! Let us know how it works out.

Just as an example, if you utilize social media marketing for a bakery, the data might tell you that posting before 7AM or 5PM has the least engagement on Facebook BUT if you consistently share a Facebook story of your first baked good coming out of the oven each day, despite being early, the audience will begin to expect this content and could possibly stop in on their commute to work.

The key to doing this is to be consistent with your content. You will want to make it a routine that happens everyday, around the same time. Make it intriguing and fun (no one likes boring). Also by doing this, you would be posting at a time that many of your competition would not be. That gives you the opportunity to steal the spotlight!

Best Time to Post On Instagram For Likes?

Overall, Wednesday is actually the best time to post on Instagram to get likes and interactions.

Posting Wednesday at noon, Friday 11AM to 12PM EST are best for engagement numbers. Like Facebook, an Instagram post will receive the least amount of engagement on Sunday. Low periods also include late nights and early mornings from midnight to 4AM.

Instagram has grown to one billion active users and is still rising. Instagram is very dynamic with integrated product sale options, Instagram TV and stories. Despite the crave to post the same content everywhere, knowing what content to put where is essential.

Take the time to learn and change. Through your own research, you may see a difference in what times and days are best to post on Facebook and Instagram. The one thing that you need to learn is that if you have to change, you need to change. If something is working for you, and does not work for everyone else, or vice versa, do what works the best for you and your social media management!