Changing Your Instagram Handle: Do or Do Not?


You probably thought that quirky handle you created back in middle school would never go out of style. Now, you find yourself regretting why you ever came up with it - let alone attach every social media platform you have to it! Luckily, Instagram allows you change that.

How Do I Change My Instagram Name?

Well, it’s actually pretty simple. Instagram lays out all the steps to change your handle on their website. All you have to do is go to your profile, click edit profile and type in your new username! It is really that simple!

But, be sure of your decision! Some previously used usernames are never made available again and it may take a while for you to find one that isn’t already taken.

Should I Change My Instagram Handle?

Instagram has become the new spot for expanding your brand and staying connected with your audience. Since users can and will search your handle and communicate through it, it’s important to have it reflect the business direction you are going in. 

As a business you also want to show consistency. Changing your Instagram name to match your other platforms helps your followers find you quickly. This can be helpful in driving your business or just staying in line with your personal preferences regarding social media. For instance if on Twitter your name is @businessboys, you should try your hardest to get the handle @businessboys for Instagram also. 

All in all, changing your username allows you to unleash your creativity and drive your brand. Having a memorable handle drives traffic to your Instagram page, so make sure you establish your handle quick!

Is It Bad To Change My Instagram Handle?

Once you change your username, the old username will now lead to a blank page. That also includes any mentions in any Instagram captions.  Any past posts you were mentioned in will no longer lead to your account, leaving your followers lost. If you are running a business, this can lead to people thinking that your business profile does not exist anymore. 

With that being said, If you do choose to change your handle you also have to make sure you update any other accounts that promote it. This not only includes other social media platforms, but you also have to take into consideration if your handle is printed on business cards, flyers or any other promotional material. 

Changing your handle can also negatively affect your follower count. Though in the long run it may be better to change it, users may see your new handle and not recognize it at first. Your followers may rethink why they follow you in the first place and unfollow you. Make sure to keep your followers in engaged in the posts following your handle change to prevent this from happening. A simple idea would be to just update your followers with a simple post letting them know you changed names on Instagram!

Tips for Choosing An Instagram Name

First, keep your Instagram handle simple for your followers! You want something that is easy to search and remember. 

To do this, try not to include too many numbers in your handle unless it directly relates to you. Also, try not to have repeating letters next to each other as it may be confusing to read or search. Try breaking up words with an underscore or using a simple, fun nickname instead.

All in all, your Instagram name should reflect who you are and what brand you want to create. Make sure your handle is accurate so your followers don’t get confused with your profile and your intentions.

Help Changing My Instagram Handle

If you need help setting up a new Instagram profile, or choosing a new Instagram handle, Social Stamina is here to help. We are a team of experts that will put together a plan that works best for you and your business. In fact, your first consultation is FREE! Give us a call today and let us help you face your fear of social media!

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