2019 Social Media Rule Book for Realtors


When it comes to the online presence of the real estate social media , the content train continues to pump nonstop. With so much content, it can become easy to easy to find yourself trapped in a copy, paste, post cycle. 

The team here at Social Stamina is here to break out the trusty old Realty Social Media Rule Book and remind you of the five ABSOLUTE MUSTS when it comes to managing your social media as a realtor.

1. Do Not Post Photos of Checks on Your Social Media!

Naturally, when your client makes a purchase, you want to celebrate. You might quickly snap a picture with the check featuring your new sale without stopping to think about all of the sensitive information you are displaying to the public. A check includes a person's name, address, and possibly even a phone number or driver's license number. Not only is personal information given away through a check though if you post it online, but banking information such as a routing number or account number is also visible. It’s best to just avoid posting pictures with checks completely and celebrate with pictures of the happy home buyers or pictures of the new home!

2. Do Not Post Photos of License Plates!

When you share a picture of someone's license plate online, you give the world the ability to (legally or illegally) gain information about the car owner. When you post a picture of a person’s house with their car/license plate in the image as well, you are giving an easy leak to the drivers home location. Now people can identify when they are or are not home and they can also use the license plate number matched with the home address to seek out more information about the car owner. Make sure you don’t fall victim to “it can’t happen to me” syndrome and hide those license plates! If you do take a picture and there is a visible license plate in the photo, make sure you blur it out or just put a small picture or logo over it. The experts at Social Stamina can help with that!

3. DO NOT Forget About Video!

Saving money sounds great! We know it is very alluring to skip the time and expense of shooting and editing a video, but you HAVE TO think about how important video is to an online marketing strategy. According to HubSpot, 45% of people watch more than an hour of video on Facebook or YouTube, a week. Home buyers need visuals and if you create a good enough video it can help the buyer create an emotional connection. YouTube videos can also improve your websites ranking in search engines. A place where many home buyers start their search. 

4. Do NOT Screenshot Facebook Pictures and Use Them for Instagram!

When you see a relatable post on Facebook, use the post as inspiration. Find a way to make the content your own and focus on what parts of the post highlight your specific company. Even though you may find reposting someone else's work acceptable if credited, this can cause you or your company to come off as lazy. Viewers come to your page to see what you are posting and what your company is capable of, not having original content can steer traffic away from your social media. Followers also tend to track where an attractive or interesting post came from and if created by a different page owner, you risk losing a potential client. 

Something else worth mentioning that is not great to do, is taking screen shots of open house photos from your company’s Facebook page and reposting the screenshot to Instagram. A stronger solution to sharing your open house is using your own image and linking the company’s post in your caption. The last problem you want is cheapening your individual brand!

Which leads us to our last rule...

5. Stay on Brand On ALL of Your Social Media Accounts!

The most important question for any professional: Who are you? How do you want the world to see you? What do you want your BRAND to be? Is Your Brand Consistent On Social Media?

When people visit your page, you want them to recognize your brand and yourself as unique. What makes you the person I should come to for help with purchasing my next home? Your posts should be consistent with each other and tell the same story.

Need Help Managing Social Media for Your Real Estate Business? We Can Help!

Remember, your social media is your online personality and you want your personality to convey your mission. Stick to a set series of colors, fonts, messages, etc. and remember to keep it YOU! While, working for a company, you also want to align your brand with theirs in some ways and stay true to who you are representing. 

Feeling overwhelmed by this long list of don’ts? It may feel hopeless to try and remember ALL of the rules when posting on social media as a realtor. Here at Social Stamina, we don’t want you to have to worry about the specifics. We can take care of all of your social media details and let you focus on your clients! Your first consultation is FREE so contact us today and let us start making your life easier!

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