Instagram Hiding Likes 2019 | Pros and Cons


We all enjoy social media for so many reasons, whether it’s the ability to connect with different people or to share our daily happenings in life. People thrive on the fact that we’re able to tell who sees our posts and their thoughts on our content on the daily. 

When it was announced that Instagram began testing the idea of hiding likes in 7 countries, you can imagine the world became flooded with different opinions on the manner. Instagram even made a tweet saying “We want your friends to focus on the photos and videos you share, not how many likes they get” which seems like a great thing, but in reality is it?

Social Stamina has some facts that you need to know about the good, the bad, and the ugly of Instagram hiding likes. 

The Pros of Instagram Hiding Likes

  • Instagram made a point to let people know that cyberbullying is a huge problem on their platform. With Instagram hiding likes this helps young people who may feel upset when other people get more likes on their posts than their own. It also helps people not pay attention to who is liking pictures their friends posted. 

  • Instagram will not take from enjoying life. Sometimes, people can spend hours on their phones just looking at who is liking different posts, but with Instagram eliminating the ability to see who is liking what, that can free up time for people to actually ENJOY the content instead of worrying about who is liking it.

  • This concept is already in use on Instagram Stories, and people may be completely blind to it. Thousands of people post on their Instagram Stories each day and it never seems to bother anyone that you are unable to see who views other people’s stories. People are more carefree in this portion of Instagram and it shows through the content in the Instagram Stories.

The Cons of Instagram Hiding Likes

  • Companies will no longer be able to see who views their competitors pages and how many likes their competitors obtain on posts. Most companies use a process we like to call “competitor stalking” which allows a particular company to analyze what a company does to get the public talking about their brand. Now businesses will only be able to see what is being posted but will never be able to see who likes the content or how many people like it.

  • Instagram influencers may suffer. Influencers are people that have become popular on social media and then begin representing companies as their ambassadors. Products from big name companies usually obtain influencers to help market their products to the masses, but since no one will see likes, the algorithm on Instagram may get destroyed and people may no longer see posts of a product they may be interested in by an influencer, unless they currently follow that individual. 

  • People may begin to post content too often with no filter. Instagram is not Facebook where you are able to just post an album of your pictures. On Instagram people tend to limit their posts to maintain their like count, but with this in effect people may not care and post as much as they want whenever they want. In return the posts may not get to the right people at the right time!

  • Companies may not have the opportunity to directly target potential clients anymore. Businesses can pay for advertisements on Instagram and these ads normally shows up in your feed if you have interacted with that brand in the past. If Instagram hides likes, businesses may lose opportunities to gain more customers. This could again be a flaw within the algorithm of how Instagram works which in turn may cause Instagram to rework the algorithms within the apps structure.

There may not be a right answer if Instagram hiding likes being a good or bad thing right now, but currently Instagram has no plans to make this go into full effect or for it even begin hiding likes on posts in the US, yet, so no need to get worried FOR NOW

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