Instagram Stories, Instagram Feed, or Instagram Live: Which is Best?


Stories, live broadcasts, feeds, these days it is so easy to get lost in the opportunities of posting on Instagram.

In January of 2019 Statista reported that Instagram was recording five-hundred million active users of Instagram stories, an audience you do not want to ignore. As a business owner, it is essential to differentiate the type of content you post in these different categories.

When Should I Use Stories On Instagram for Business?

When it comes to Instagram stories, day to day is the way to go. People want to see what you have going on in the moment. This means sharing everything from daily events to featured sales, even professional meetings. An Instagram story is what followers check for quick and easy updates.

Your followers should feel as if they are there with you when watching your story. Applying the Instagram poll tool to your story as well as this is a fun way to learn about your audience and gain some feedback about customer experience and expectation.

Instagram also offers a location tool which allows users to implement location stickers into their story. When an Instagram user uses the platform to search for a specific location, all stories tagged with the location will then appear and be organized in one place. Tagging your stories is a great way to lead new followers to your account.

Should I Use Instagram Live Video for My Business?

Live broadcasts are a great addition to Instagram stories. Broadcasting is one of the best methods of interaction between users and their followers. Users can create live Q&As or questionnaires that can be bookmarked as saved recordings for viewers to find again.

Live broadcasts are also a strong tool for showcasing events. Followers can be drawn out of their house to join fun events being hosted in your Instagram story.

How Often Should I Post on My Instagram Feed?

When it comes to an Instagram feed, the key element is consistency. Find a time of day to post your content and stick to it. Your followers will come to notice that your posts appear every day at said time and eventually seek out the content on their own.

Your feed is how your followers find you and is used to convey your entire brand. You want your feed to represent the personality of your business. When it comes to a photo on your Instagram feed, you want to make sure to use a consistent hashtag in your captions to make it easy to find your business as well as tag your locations to bring in new followers.

Learn To Use Instagram for Your Business

Social media platforms are growing and developing every day, and it is important to stay updated on each new feature and utilize all of the tools at your hand. Mastering all of the media at your hands can feel overwhelming. Set up a FREE CONSULTATION and let us here at Social Stamina help you face your fear of social media!

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