Today's Office | Social Media Week NYC

Social Stamina Visits Social Media Week in NYC.

Social Stamina Visits Social Media Week in NYC.

We have arrived at SOCIAL MEDIA WEEK in NEW YORK CITY! Stay tuned for a look inside this fantastic conference. How are you investing in yourself and your business this week?

Social Media Week | New York City | Breakdown

Favorite Takeaways
- Know your data and do something out of the ordinary with it
- Talk like humans. It's supposed to be fun!
- Buyer Persona, Buyer Persona, Buyer Persona
- Are you adding value to the trends or just jumping on board to ride the wave of traffic?

Top Takeaway | Terry Rice
- Upgrade your buyer persona to an empathy map
- You don't work in marketing, you work in business development with a focus in marketing
- Ppl don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care

6 Reminders for Insta Marketing
By Stephanie Myers of Fast Company
1. Check your data
2. Make it easy (for your fans. Hashtags your posts. Share your handle everywhere.)
3. Branding Check (Profiles matter. Your highlighted stories matter.)
4. Mind the mix (Consistent branding but not repetitive.)
5. Step up photo game - (Natural light. Cutting board or wrapping paper.)
6. Be Social (Interact with current or future clients. Don't be spammy. Comment as a human.)

PACKED afternoon! So. Much. Great. Info! I'm excited to start implementing tips and strategy tweaks from  SMWNYC!

Jason Maldonado of MailChimp ROCKS #SMWnyc19 Get ready for some cool #SocialStaminacontent inspired by Jay!

Thank you Code & Theory Founder & CEO Dan Gardner for your talk on digital transformation and redefining consumer and business success! 

Great talk by Marybeth Levine all about USPS social, #FitForPurpose and the suite of tools involved! The usps social media team is small but POWERFUL! So inspiring!

Chief Evangelist Link Influence Benjamin Duvall talks making the leap from listening to insight: what AI won't tell you. Learned so much on driving social back to sales and determining.

CEO of Social Chain Group, Steven Barlett, talks about how the public doesn't trust social media or businesses. Trust is the glue of human connection. The way to combat that is transparency. Leading from a bunker vs showing more of your authentic self. #StayTuned Zuck now has a podcast, pulling down the block box of Facebook.

Film Producer Ari Kuschnir asks us to turn to our neighbor and share the most defining moment of our lives. Mine was dark. I hated high school and remember contemplating terrible things. I had a coach who talked to me after practices and helped me through it. He had me picture life after high school. I remember the moment I thought if there is one, I'm going to go BIG. Since then, my biggest motivator is striving to impress that high school self and live to my fullest potential. What's the defining story of YOUR life?