Is Your Brand Consistent on Social Media?


With so many marketing channels available nowadays, brand consistency is not as simple as making sure your logo is being used correctly in a brochure. Social media presents a huge opportunity where your brand can thrive, however, it often times can lead to numerous brand inconsistencies.

You must set up branding to correctly in order to manage the process from the get-go in order to create a presence that is unified for your brand on all of your social media networks. But that cannot be accomplished without some know-how and careful planning.

The team here at Social Stamina has put together 6 key tips to help you keep yourself and your brand consistent on social media.

1. )  Different Audiences Use Different Social Media Platforms 

If your brand is fun and cool (like us), it should reflect on all of your social media platforms. Your messaging on LinkedIn may be more professional, but it shouldn’t feel like it’s coming from a completely different brand altogether. Think about how you are vs. how you are at work. Your personality is the same, but your mannerisms adjust. The same goes for your brand personality. Do keep in mind the age demographic of the social media channel you are marketing on. If you are trying to sell units in retirement community, Instagram may not be the right place to do so.


2.)  Engage Your Audience

So you found that audience you’re trying to reach, on that platform you are trying to market on, now keep them engaged! Don’t reuse the same pictures but if you have to, make sure you change something else such as the images format, caption length, and the vocabulary you are using. Finding a new way to present what’s happening is key to engage your audience and get more reach. Also, no one likes that person who ALWAYS tell the same story at every party!

3.) Not Everything is Suitable for Every Social Media Platform

Yes, there might be a “share to all your accounts” button, but that doesn't mean you should share the same post to every platform. As mentioned in number 1 on the list you should keep your band consistent across the board, but again a short video may do a little better as an Instagram Story compared to a Facebook Post. Make sure that you are optimizing content for every social channel that you are using for your brand. 

4.) You Do NOT Have to be on Every Platform

It sounds crazy and hard to believe, but you don’t have to be on every platform possible. This goes along with the earlier point that different audiences use different social media platforms,  Businesses should share the same philosophy. By keeping to only one or two platforms, you won’t be overwhelmed trying to keep each page active and you can put focus on making your platforms content-rich. 

5.) Have A Clear Call To Action on Your Post

Remember that your posts should do more than just share information. Your posts should elicit an action. Having a clear call to action is key to getting people to take the next step. It could be buying something, reading a blog, or visiting your website. Give them a reason to want to do so. Your posts CTA should be consistent to the channel you are marketing to as well as valuable to them. 

6.) Post Often (But Make Sure Its Good Content!)

This may seem obvious, but post on your accounts as often as possible, as long as it is quality content. If you don’t have the quality content, you shouldn’t just post, just because. If your account stays active with quality content, your reach will climb and your business can become more known. People will start to recognize your brand and will ultimately benefit your business as a whole.  If an account is not active, or you are posting low quality photos, captions that don’t make sense to your audience etc, your audience will lose interest. Also remember to keep in mind the best times to post on different social media platforms.

Do not leave your brand open to interpretation. Your brand should build awareness and develop trust and loyalty. A constantly changing brand personality just doesn’t do the job. Every interaction that customers have with your brand should embody what the brand is all about. Still have more questions? Reach out to us today and we can set you up with a FREE CONSULTATION and help you create that consistency your brand needs!

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